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Frequently Asked Questions

Ambien, the trade name for Zolpidem, is an important prescription medication for many persons as it helps to overcome severe insomnia and other sleep related disorders. Taking Ambien in the right way works out well for many, but one should also pay attention to the buying process. Online pharmacy Ambien makes it simple to purchase the pills without any hassles, along with a host of other benefits. However, many folks are likely to shy away from procuring Ambien online due to certain unanswered questions and doubts, most of which we have tried to answer here.

Will I be able to buy Ambien from the US?

You can buy Ambien easily whether you live in the US or any other country. Shipping is provided to many locations worldwide. We also have a number distribution centers within the US and you can receive the order in the shortest time possible. Also, people who reside in the US can pay for the order in US dollars, so there is no need to worry about the payment methods. The other advantage is that those who buy from the US can reorder the medication quickly and receive the order fast.

Does an online pharmacy Ambien cost more than at the local pharmacy?

Ambien is sourced directly from the manufacturer so that there is no compromise on the drug quality. This also means that the drug is priced low with distributor pricing. The low cost is then passed on to the customer as there are no other expenses like store maintenance or employee wages that can rack up the cost of the medication. When you order your Ambien pills online, the cost of the drug would only be a fraction of the price listed at brick-and-mortar drugstores.

Is there any age restriction to buying Ambien online?

Ambien is recommended for use only in those who are above the age of eighteen. For buying Ambien from an online pharmacy you would have to be eighteen or above in order to meet the eligibility requirements. Those who are taking this medication for the first time would do well to learn completely about the drug, the dosage instructions and what side effects to expect, before placing the order online.

How expensive is Ambien to buy?

One of the best aspects of Ambien buy online is that the drug is very cheap and you can actually make a lot of savings. The drug is already priced low and additional discounts only make it all the more affordable. If you are prepared to order bulk Ambien then you have the scope of saving more. Although there is no obligation to buy a bigger supply of this medication, you will surely notice in the pricing list that the unit price for a single pill is cheaper when getting the 90-day supply compared to that of the 30-day supply.

Is it safe to drink alcohol while on Ambien?

As a precaution first read up the product literature on the use of Ambien along with alcohol. Since this drug works to produce hypnotizing effects while inducing sleepiness, drinking alcohol at this time can further suppress the CNS. Take care to avoid combining the drug with alcohol as the mixture can increase the risk of side effects or lead to other dangerous consequences.

How quickly will I be able to sleep with Ambien?

Ambien is a highly potent drug and you will be surprised at how quickly it works. The single dose is taken only on an as-needed basis before going to bed. The drug usually starts working within fifteen minutes of taking it. Since this medication is fast acting, it is recommended to take the drug only when you are actually ready for bed and not before.

What else can help me to improve my sleep disorder?

Ambien can only help fall asleep but it cannot actually cure insomnia. In order to overcome insomnia, you have to follow the other treatment techniques recommended by the healthcare provider without relying completely on the sleep medication. It is also possible for the user to quickly build tolerance and dependence on this drug, under which circumstances alternative sleep medications may be used.

What is the quickest way to restock Ambien?

Running out of Ambien when you least expect to can be a big pain. Always keep enough stock and refill the prescription once you notice that there is only a small supply left. Using the same online pharmacy for the Ambien prescription refill can get you loyalty discounts or even bonus pills. Bulk buying the pills is another option that you can make use of as you would have a larger supply but for cheaper. Restocking the medication is also quicker when you do it from the same place and the order will be dispatched to your location at great speed so you do not have to wait without any pills while the order arrives.
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My sister who was an insomniac once was prescribed with Zolpidem and she is doing perfectly fine now. I obtain Ambien without prescription over online drugstores regularly for her.


I could say Ambien as the (‘most’) wonderful sleep aid I have ever known. I was suffering from insomnia after my child’s death and was struggling to get a good night’s sleep from long. My neighbor who is a doctor himself had introduced me to Ambien 10mg and told that it will work for me. To my surprise, I was able to sleep the very first time I took the sleeping pill. I now get hold of Zolpidem online without prescription to help me save money on Ambien.

Jack Murray

I requested my physician to prescribe me for cheap sleeping pills as I was not able to afford the Ambien meds. My doctor asked me to take Zolpidem, which is the generic formulation of Ambien. The generic Ambien i.e. Zolpidem is generally available for a very low price and so I was able to treat insomnia steadily by taking the drug on a regular basis. I no more feel like I am an insomniac and I’m thankful for both Zolpidem and to my doctor.


As I was not able to sleep during the night, I consulted several doctors but only in vain. A friend of mine suggested consulting the online doctor who is available over the online pharmacies round the clock. The online doctor after analyzing my condition, suggested me to take Ambien meds. I was able to procure Ambien without prescription over online pharmacies with the help of online prescription. I now take Ambien 10mg regularly and as advised.

John Pereira

My doctor prescribed me Ambien 10mg when I complained him of insomnia which I was suffering from since the last two years. I began taking this medication as it was advised to me and saw a tremendous improvement in my sleep cycle. I am now able to get a good night’s sleep without any issue and so I feel fresh throughout the day. My all thanks to my doctor who prescribed me Ambien to treat insomnia.

Mary Roy

As I did not have a prescription for Ambien, I was initially worried how to purchase it online. Then I came to know legitimate Canadian pharmacies sell cheap medications legally. So I happened to place orders of Ambien in the required numbers and I was requested to furnish few essential particulars like my age, contact number, my past medical illness if any. The online doctor analyzed my condition by consulting me online and then issued me the online prescription. I was enthralled to know that I earned a lot of discounts as i ordered the drug online. I could save around 60% on treatment by using ambien coupons.


It was my sister who suggested me to take ambien for my sleep problems. I was not able to sleep on and off for the past one month. I couldn’t exactly ascertain the reason that led to my sleeplessness. But taking Ambien did give me some solace. As I was lazy always, I decided to look for Ambien online. At first i took 10 mg dose of ambien. My doctor gradually decreased the dosage when he saw some improvement in me.


As I was too much pressurized both at home and at work, I knew no way to relax myself. As a consequence, I developed a disorder called insomnia which did not let me sleep throughout the night. Sometimes I had irregular and broken sleep and some nights no sleep at all. A friend of mine suggested me to take Ambien which he said is very effective in bringing back normal sleep pattern. I was prescribed with 5 mg ambien and it changed my life.


I was suffering from sleeplessness from days together. It became months and I didn’t know how to get a good night’s sleep. I tried many ways like relaxing and bringing down my anxiety, but only in vain. I then consulted a highly practiced health care professional who let me know that I was suffering from insomnia. The doctor prescribed me to take Ambien 10 mg in the initial three days and later requested me to continue with 5 mg Ambien for about a week. I followed the instructions as said by the doctor and now I’m perfectly fine and I have a good night’s sleep, every night.

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