Price Comparison – Buying Ambien online vs. Ambien from local drugstore

Ambien is the best sleep aid that perfectly resolves the problems of people suffering from insomnia. However due to the increasing prices of this medication in the United States and elsewhere, many are looking for ways to curb their costs and save money on their prescription bills. The number one way to do is to opt for an online pharmacy.

Price of Ambien in local pharmacies

The price of 1 Ambien pill in drugstores like Kroger pharmacy is $19, Kmart is $20, Walgreens is $21, Rite-aid is $22, CVS is $24 and Safeway is $25. The price is the same for both 5 mg and 10 mg of the medication. The price is also lower if the tablets are purchased in bulk quantity.

The price of single generic Ambien (Zolpidem) pill in the same drugstores is anywhere from $2 to $12. So there is a whopping price difference between generic and the brand version of the pill. These prices are subject to vary if you have a discount coupon or if you make your purchase in higher quantity.

Price of Ambien in online pharmacies

women comparing generic and brand ambien pill boxAmbien brand is very sparsely available in online drugstores but these pharmacies do have a generic version of the pill in abundant quantity. They carry a vast range of generic manufacturers hence there are a lot of choices available while getting Ambien online. The price of the generic variant in online pharmacies is approximate $1.19 to $1.5. This price of the pill is even cheaper than the local drugstore that offers generic version at the lowest price which is $2.

This drug is sourced in online drugstores is much cheaper than in neighborhood stores. As these pharmacies only have to maintain a server space and not rent a physical store and not employ so many middlemen for the medications to reach them, the price of the pill is usually low. In online pharmacies more often than not, the whole sales themselves create an online platform to supply medications. So, most of the overhead costs are minimized online. To know in depth about the price in online pharmacy, visit:

Highlights and pitfalls of getting Ambien online vs getting ambien offline

Although online pharmacies offer dirt cheap rates there is always a risk factor which is that some pharmacies fool their customers by not delivering the drug or there is an even worse case which getting Ambien in a low quality. But there are many online drugstores that give utmost priority to the quality of the pills and privacy of their customers.

Many Canadian pharmacies even upped their game and include strict security standards both for data storage and payment processing. The biggest advantage of pharmacies online is that the medication can be delivered to the house. Online drugstores also facilitate easier price comparison between different stores thereby allowing you to get Ambien at the cheapest price.

The only advantage in retail stores is that this pill can be avail then and there without waiting for the delivery. But there is also an inconvenience of heading to the house or returning empty-handed if the stock is not available. Ailing citizens might also find it hard to physically get the local store to get their Ambien.

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