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Strengths: 5mg and 10mg
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What is Ambien?

It is a hypnotic medication that can be used as a sedative by people. This is an FDA approved drug for the treatment and it should be procured only after getting a prescription. The active ingredient that is present in the drug is called as Zolpidem.

The drug is available in different forms and the route of administration varies from one to another. Some of them are through the mouth, rectal, oromucosal and sublingual. The addiction rate for Ambien is high and it belongs to schedule IV drug.

Who can take Ambien?

Those people who suffer from sleep issues like insomnia can take Ambien medication. This is a condition which makes a person not to get proper sleep at night. There are also chances for the doctor to prescribe this medication for various other purposes too.

How Ambien works in the body?

When the tablet is consumed, it would get dissolved and absorbed into the bloodstream. There might be the certain imbalance in the chemicals that are present in the brain. These chemicals are which cause the individual not to sleep at night.

The main ingredient would concentrate on this. They would convert these into balanced natural chemicals. Due to this, the individual would feel relaxed and would be able to sleep properly.

Ambien has the effectiveness throughout the night and helps to sleep without any issue.

Dosage strength of Ambien

The medication is available in two different dosage strengths. The lower dose of the drug would be 5mg and the higher dose would be 10mg. the healthcare professional would prescribe the dosage of the drug depending on the age, gender, severity of the issue and tolerance level.

Women are mostly instructed with the lower dose only. The reason is that women have very slow metabolism rate so there will be the presence of the medication in the body even in the morning too. This makes them feel sleepy after they wake up.

Men, on the other hand, have a fast metabolism rate. So Ambien is broken down in the system at a faster pace and they might feel less sleepy in the morning. Men are instructed with either the lower or higher dosage strength of the medication.

Forms of Ambien

Ambien is available in two different forms. They are immediate release and extended release. Those people who find it difficult to achieve sleep at night but can easily maintain it can choose immediate release pills. However, the individuals who are neither able to achieve nor maintain proper sleep can go for extended release capsules.

How to consume Ambien medication?

It is best to consume the pills through the mouth with a glass of water. If it is a sublingual tablet then you can place it under the tongue. It would automatically get dissolved but you can also drink a little bit of water in order to help it get dissolved.

People who are prescribed with the immediate release pills should take it as a whole. There is no need to break, crush or chew the tablets. This would ultimately change the working mechanism which is not good for you.

If you are taking extended release capsules, you are still recommended to consume it as a whole. Never ever crush or chew the capsules at any cost. The working mechanism of these capsules is that the outer layer would get dissolved in the body first to help you to achieve good sleep. After certain span, the inner ingredients in the capsules would get absorbed so you can easily maintain your sleep throughout the night.

Taking water is better than any other liquid for the consumption of Ambien. Always stick to the dosage strength that is instructed for your treatment.


  • There are individuals who might get allergic reactions while taking the medication. Their body does not accept or tolerate the main ingredient. Since this might be the case, always check whether the medication is suitable for you or not prior starting the treatment.
  • Women are not recommended to take Ambien if they are pregnant or breastfeeding a child. In the animal study, it is found that the traces of the drug is present in the fetus or child.
  • Try not to consume alcohol or smoke cigarettes during the course of therapy.
  • Some medications that you are already consuming might interact with Ambien so check about this with your healthcare professional.
  • Taking the higher dose than what is required for you is not recommended as it would cause a drug overdose. In case of this scenario, call the medical team for help as quickly as possible.
  • After consuming the medication you have to go to the bed and lie down. This should be down even if you do not feel sleepy. Walking, sitting or talking after the intake of the drug should be avoided.
  • Try to get seven to eight hours of sleep at night while taking Ambien. If you wake up to use the restroom make sure you hold the walls for support. There are chances for you to feel dizzy and fall.
  • Never take the pill while traveling as you would not be able to sleep continuously and it would be interrupted. So plan accordingly depending on how you travel.

Side effects

Ambien medication would trigger several ill effects like constipation, diarrhea, drowsiness and loss of coordination. These ill effects may be mild, moderate or severe. If it is severe or the effect pertains in the body for a longer span then it becomes a must to contact your doctor and let him or her know about it.

There are also reports that say that people who have administered Ambien at night do activities without their knowledge.

They are known to sleepwalk, cook food in the kitchen and eat it, sleep driving, calling someone through phone, messaging and even having sexual intercourse but have no memory in the morning. These are the extreme symptoms that you might face while consuming Ambien. However, the possibility to experience this is very less.

Our Guarantee

The quality of the Ambien medicine supplied by is absolutely guaranteed. We scrutinize the efficacy of the medicine by performing various quality tests. Our in-house medical professionals personally take the responsibility of examining the quality of the pills.

We strive to source Ambien pills at the cheapest possible price. We also make every attempt to provide great discounts from time to time. Hence make it a point to check our website regularly.

You can contact our customer service exists who provides best round-the-clock service to all the customers. Consisting of skilled representatives, our customer service team is equipped to elucidate all the user queries.


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