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Ambien vs Zolpidem

Choosing between Ambien and Zolpidem – Read before you buy

ambien tablets and zolpidem tabletsInsomnia has been identified as one of the widely experienced sleep ailment and medical professionals encounter many patients with the problem. Ambien and its generic variant have made their mark in treating the patients with sleeping disorders as established by the data available from various drug manufacturing companies.  Ambien is an immensely popular branded drug wherein generic Ambien is the later released version of it. Both the drugs have almost the intended effect on the patient suffering from the sleeping disorder and it is quite necessary to understand the differences between the two pills for strengthening the choice accordingly before buying it.

Availability of the medication online

Getting Ambien, one of the finest sedatives is an easy task when you purchase it online. As the branded medication can be bought without any hassles and it does also carry the recommendation of the medicos in many cases. Buying Ambien from genuine online pharmacies is the prerequisite to get authentic pills and also to get rid of the problems associated with sleep. The prices are also comparatively less when bought online for both the branded and generic versions. Adequate study of the drugs is necessary prior to proceed to procure the medicine and this also equips us with the much-needed knowledge in buying the Ambien and Zolpidem pills with the right dosage.


Ambien and Zolpidem, both are known to offer the much-desired effect in the patient after intake. Either of the medication should not be taken if you are not in a position to sleep for 7 to 8 hrs. If the drugs are meant for an intake not exceeding 4 or 5 weeks it should not be taken without the advice of the physician. Ambien or Zolpidem should not be stopped abruptly if you are using it on a long-term basis. The suggested dosage is 5 mg for adult female and it can be 5 mg or 10 mg for men, taken only once in a day and you should have a sleeping duration of 7 to 8 hours after the intake. It is safe to commence the medication from the minimum effective dosage. For every person after starting the dosage at 5 mg, if they are not proving to be effective they can be raised to 10 mg. The starting dose differs for men and women due to the low clearance of Zolpidem through metabolism in women’s body.

Cost of Ambien vs. Zolpidem

Compared to Ambien, the generic counterpart, Zolpidem costs less. Ambien cost may vary between retail and digital pharmacy, vividly. A strip of 6 Ambien tablets with a dosage of 5 mg costs around $73.15 and a higher dosage of around 10 mg is in the price range of $90. Some pharmacies sell the generic tablet that is Zolpidem along with free coupons and price the tablets at over $30 for a quantity of 30 pills each with a dosage of 10 mg.