Get the live location of your package by our new tracking service Track Now!

Order tracking and status

To track your order please enter your Order ID in the box below and press the "Track" button. This was given to you on your receipt and in the confirmation email you should have received.

We respect the security of our process with a high sense of care and hence at every stage of the product processing is overseen and verified at every instance. Thus all our product services show success rate. The status of the product once left from our dispatching unit can be viewed by the user as our team member. Every action regarding your product will be updated at every instance periodically.

Once your order is confirmed you will receive a confirmation notification from us. This will be sent to your registered contact details such as email or phone number. This implies that your order is confirmed and it is ready to dispatch. From then it will take about 24 hours to receive the tracking number. Once the product is dispatched from us it will be taken through the Airmail which can be tracked from your account.

Tracking number

Using the tracking number the user can check the live status of their product. Such as the current location of the product, cancellation details if the order is being canceled. By logging into your account,  the tracking number can be specified in the allocated space from there it will direct you to the tracking page if your package is live.

Reason for cancellation of package

Once your package status is specified as canceled it means that the delivery of your package is stopped for some reason and it will be updated in its status. This will be due to 2 main reasons such as if the user by themselves cancel the order or if the package is blocked due to some shipping issues.

Under any such condition, the reason for the issue will be notified immediately to the user registered contact details. We try to fix the issue and if the order is not able to be shipped to us then we will cancel the order. Also, this will be updated on the product status.

Difficulty and doubts in tracking

If the user finds any difficulty in handling the tracking number then they can contact our customer care team members. The user can contact us through chat and email. They can also leave a comment in the query box available on our website. This will be responded immediately by our team members. They will connect you via phone call and will direct you through the entire process.

Also, the user can connect us to clarify their doubts in processing. Also, they can verify the status of your package. The path of your product from Airmail to FedEx and from FedEx to your destination will be sent to you through the tracking number. Our team will be monitoring your package till it reaches the destination address. Hence any doubts regarding your package will be immediately fixed by them.

Many of our customers are benefited with this tracking number also all their queries are replied in a polite and responsible manner.

Null status

If the status is not mentioned or if it is mentioned as your product is in the hold or canceled you should contact us immediately to verify the reason of the updation. Also if the product is canceled due to our technical issue you can claim for the refund or return of the product. The refund will be processed within the mentioned working days. To know more about our refund and return policy, you can check our norms included in the refund or return policy.