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Payment Methods

We offer our customers to pay using different payment modes, such as Visa, MasterCard, electronic checks and online wallets. And other payment options are under progress which will be made available for our customers to enjoy accessing those modes.

This mode of payment should be picked from the available list from which the user can choose their relevant method. The user needs to provide the complete and reliable details of your account. The user needs to submit the details without fail to complete your transaction. The invoice for your purchase will be displayed which comprises both your product cost and your shipping charges. No additional charges will be deducted from you.

Payment via cards

The user completing their transaction through Visa and MasterCard can get their confirmation of order within 24 hours of completing the payment process. Until this message is sent to you the order of your purchase will not be confirmed. Once we sent the confirmation notice your package will be ready to get dispatched and shipped.

Online wallets and e-check payments

The people processing their orders through online wallets and electronic checks will take longer time duration than the cards. Hence your order confirmation will also vary when compared to the card payments. Such as paying using online wallets will take about 24 to 74 days to get processed. And the e-check payment mode will take longer time than these two process which is too long. The transaction using electronic wallets will take solidly up to a week or shorter span.

Secured payment processing

The user’s information is protected with much care. All the payment credentials you provide during the processing of your payment will not be stored in our database. All these details will not be saved or stole by us. Hence the user can confidently use the details to complete your payment. Also, we notify our user by accessing our site you are using the SSL optimized server which will encrypt the data you provide to the website. Also, the details you are entering them will be encrypted in the form which cannot be obtained and used by any other general users.

We follow our policy and norms with most care hence we did not involve in taking the users details without their permission also we do not intend to sell the confidential data of the customers for marketing purpose. Also, the user is recommended not to share any such confidential or payment related details with us. And we are not responsible for the piracy of such information from them.

Any doubts or clarification regarding the processing of payment can be clarified by our customer care team members. The user needs to crosscheck with them for processing under such trouble payments. Some may have a problem in processing their cards to pay here at our website. Such cases are due to the security purpose of their bank processing system. Such as some cards are blocked in some particular location. Under such criteria, the user needs to use different cards or can choose a different payment option. Any problem that cannot be fixed from our side needs to reach the bank for further access.

Unless the payment process from the user side is completed the product cannot be taken as a confirmed order. Your process of the order will be on hold. By entering the correct data your payment will be completed and the process of your order will be taken to further levels.