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Privacy Policy

We include privacy policy to our website and under the norms mentioned there all our customer’s details are protected and governed. To know about the complete processing of our user data you should read on our policy and by agreeing to this you can continue your access to our site. By accessing and providing your details with us we fix as you have agreed to all our terms included here. Any condition found irrelevant to you or if any such detail is not satisfying for you, the user can leave the site. No user will be pleased or compelled to access the details presented here. Also, the conditions will not be altered or changed for the single user. Every term should be agreed in prior to your access.

The information that we collect

The customer information is collected from you in different ways. The user needs to provide us the correct and exact detail every time. Any information and data related to our product or service will help us to develop the reliability of our content and product. The data from the user will be used to improve and serve our users in a better way. The registration process will not be limited with just your personal details such as your name, address, contact details and mobile numbers it will also include other information such as your opinion on the website and order processing page will comprise additional perks such as any special notification regarding your shipping or delivery. All this will be taken into consideration for the improvement of our service and site.

The personal details including your contact details such as phone number and email id will be used to send you the updates. Our team members will contact you regarding the product, any changes that we made to our website, our services, and other related details. Also, we use cookies to collect more information such as your entry to our website and your recent search history and password of the respective username if needed by the user. The cookies can be completely eliminated at any time by the user. The control of these cookies is not owned completely by us. The user can stop cookies access to their device. They are completely safe and secure.

Other than the order related and contact details no other information is collected from the user. They are not requested to submit or provide any confidential and non-confidential information to us. All this is not intended for our purpose and business norms.

The details that we collect from our users will be stored in the user database for the reference of our members. All this information will not be shared with all our team members. The access to this customer database is provided only for a limited executives handling the delivery and dispatching of our products. The contact details will be verified by them. No illegal access to the information is permitted by us.

Also, any illegal access to this site is protected by using the software. The updated security tools and by using the piracy hacking tools we assure our customer that their details will not be hacked by any unauthorized user other than our permitted executives. Also, we assure our user that you are using the SSL secured server which will encrypt the details we collect from you. Hence the details cannot be viewed as they are in the encrypted form.